Zoe James

Education Research Officer

Zoe-croppedZoe joined Young Lives in  2010 and is a researcher in the education team.  She is currently pursuing doctoral research at UCL Institute of Education and holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford. At Young Lives Zoe has worked on survey design and analysis in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam, and her research interests focus on access to schooling and children’s learning, privatisation of education, and cross-cultural measurement.

Research interests: educational access and equity; measurement of learning; privatisation of education; quantitative and qualitative research methods

Selected Publications:

Caine Rolleston and Zoe James (2012) ‘The Role of Schooling in Skill Development: evidence from Young Lives in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.’ Background paper prepared for the UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2012.

Martin Woodhead, Melanie Frost and Zoe James (2013) ‘Does growth in private schooling contribute to Education for All? Evidence from a longitudinal, two cohort study in Andhra Pradesh, India,’ International Journal of Educational Development 33(1): 65-73.

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