Launch of new study, RIESGO, in Lima, Peru

On October 16th, Ninos del Milenio hosted the launch of a study,  'RIESGO' or  Resultado de la Ingesta, Entorno Social y Genética en la Obesidad”  that will use new data from Young Lives to examine the connections between obesity, nutrition, genetics and social factors in Peru. At the launch, researchers Dr. Mary Penny, Dr. Alan Sánchez, Dr. Vimal Karani and Dr. Victor Soto-Cáceres discussed the problem of obesity in Peru, the scope of RIESGO and  the study's genetic focus with specialists from international organisations, Peruvian government departments, NGO's and academia. RIESGO seeks to expand Niños del Milenio's longitudinal study in order to introduce new empirical perspectives to understand the factors that explain obesity in young people and their possible problems in non-communicable diseases. Data will be collected in 2020 as part of Round 6.

The study will be lead by the University of Reading, conducted by a team of researchers from GRADE, Oxford University (Young Lives), University of Reading, University Pedro Ruiz Gallo and the Institute of Nutritional Research and carried out with funding from the Medical Research Council. 

If you are interested in the progress and results of the study in Spanish, do not hesitate to contact Sheila Avila at