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Vietnam achieved a number of MDG targets, such as the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, achievement of primary education, and promotion of gender equality in education, and it has achieved some health related indicators such as reducing maternal mortality and child mortality. The government’s Socio-Economic Development Plan aims to achieve high and sustainable economic growth, improved living standards of ethnic minority populations, strengthened environmental protection, and mitigation and prevention of the adverse impacts of climate change. Visit the Young Lives Vietnam website to find out more (in Vietnamese).

Our research

Young Lives research in Vietnam aims to support government interest in the long-term consequences of poverty in early childhood, and increasing the quality and effectiveness of the education system. Despite Vietnam’s success in achieving near universal enrolment at primary and lower-secondary levels, and high standards in international education tests (PISA), parents and policymakers both remain aware of the need to address issues of access and quality, particularly in pre-primary education and upper-secondary and vocational training.

The impact of child work on cognitive development: results from four Low to Middle Income countries
Working paper
Beyond the basics: Access and equity in the expansion of post-compulsory schooling in Vietnam
Journal Article
Estimating the education production function for cognitive and non-cognitive development of children in Vietnam through structural equation modelling using Young Lives data base
Student paper
VIETNAMESE Leaving no one behind in a growing Vietnam
Summative Output

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