Towards the End of Child Poverty

Child carrying a food package
19 October 2015

Part 1 of a two-part blog

Today marks the launch of the Global Coalition of Partners to End Child Poverty. The launch date is fitting as Saturday was the UN Day of the Eradication of Poverty, and because the face of poverty is often young.

The coalition is a group of likeminded organisations, led by UNICEF and Save the Children, and encompassing many child focused agencies and research organisations from different countries. The aim is to raise the profile of child poverty within development debates, and to bring forward the best evidence and experience of what to do about it.  This joint statement by the partners in the coalition stresses the urgency of the situation affecting our children, and some of the ways we can globally address child poverty.  Young Lives is part of this coalition, both so that we can bring the learning from the experiences of Young Lives children into these debates, and so we can learn better what the key policy and programming questions are so our research is as relevant as possible.

Finally, the timing is important - the world has just signed up to new Global Goals and countries will now be thinking carefully about what delivering this agenda means. Many of the goals are relevant to children, and child poverty is a key barrier to ensuring children have the best start in life. Putting child poverty higher on the agenda is important in itself, but it's also a way to improve achievement of other commitments. This blog by Richard Morgan and David Stewart, the Co-Chairs, Global Coalition to End Child Poverty explains this in more details.  

Today,  Monday 19th October  the Governments of Luxembourg, Mexico and Tanzania together with the Coalition to End Child Poverty will be hosting an event at the UN to discuss the SDGs and the ways forward. Please join us live at the event at 13.15 New York (EST).