Welcome to our new website!

22 April 2016

After many months of planning, scoping, designing and building, I am delighted to announce that our new Young Lives website is now live.

At this stage into our study, we realised that we had accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about our 12,000 cohort children and we felt it was time to refresh the way we collate all of that information into an archive and also to continue to highlight ongoing new research and evidence   With new digital platforms now firmly established, including in our research countries, we needed a new fit-for-purpose website.

We are confident that our new website makes it easier to access our research findings and connect to our policy findings and our impact, and of course to get to our all-important data.  Right from the outset on our home page you will be directed to either our research or policy pages, depending on your personal and professional interests. If you’re new to Young Lives we hope you’ll find it straight-forward to find out about who we are and what we do and about our research countries.

Under Themes, we have aligned our research and policy themes to some of the key Global Goals, reinforcing our central argument that inclusive policies are key to creating healthier, more productive and just societies.

Our publications page helps you access information quickly and our responsive search engine is built on a faceted search. Our site uses adaptive screen technology to ensure the best user experience on any device, be it desktop, laptop or tablet/ mobile.

Our new website is also better integrated with social media platforms to allow you to share our content more easily. You can sign up to our blogs through RSS and we’ve also refreshed our e-newsletter to allow you to keep up-to date with our latest work so do please sign up to that

 We do also hope you like our new video, which is a brief re-cap of what we’ve achieved and what we hope to achieve in what may possibly be the final phase of the study.  We also have new videos presented by each of our country directors for Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam  which can also be found on the country pages.

We really hope you enjoy our new website. We are hoping in the coming months to develop the site further by adding more content, such as infographics, video and podcasts, so do visit us regularly!

And of course, there will be times in the initial weeks when we might experience glitches or bugs or you can’t find something you’re looking for. Please do contact our communications team with a specific problem or just to let them know what you think of the new site!

Best regards,