Survey: Responses so far on challenges in longitudinal research in LMICs

Longitudinal research - lessons and learning cover
22 January 2020

We invited researchers undertaking longitudinal research, particularly those working in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), to share their insights to help shape our methodological learning project.

Here are our findings so far, our survey is still open, and we hope you'll add your voice and experience so we can tailor the project to the subjects longitudinal researchers are most interested in.

What were some of the key challenges researchers had encountered, or are concerned about regarding research governance, operations and scientific, policy or public impacts?

  • 75% of our respondents considered securing funding to be the greatest challenge
  • 44% considered ensuring scientific, policy and public image to be a 'high challenge'
  • 44% marked 'working with governments' as a 'moderate challenge'
  • And another 50% found equitable collaboration with institutional partners to only be  'a minor challenge'

What do researchers believe are the biggest areas of challenge for data management and archiving?

  • 50% of our respondents found data matching with administrative and other data sets to be a 'high challenge'
  • While 44% found ensuring consistency, quality and reliability in their data to be a 'moderate challenge'

What aspects of research ethics do researchers find most challenging, or would like more information about?

  • 57% were interested in 'managing power dynamics and expectations' and considered it to be a 'high challenge'
  • While 69% of respondents found 'safeguarding issues' to only be a 'minor challenge'

How did researchers rate the different challenges around desiging longitudinal research in LMICs?

  • 31% found the greatest challenge to be managing and reducing attrition, while 63% found this to be a moderate challenge

Do you agree or disagree? Add your voice to our data, complete our five-minute survey, and help steer the information we share.