New Podcast: Insights from Young Lives Peru

Young Lives podcast cover
8 July 2020

We're delighted to release the third in our series of podcasts reflecting on Young Lives' methodological learning.

In this episode our Peruvian Principal Investigators, Mary Penny and Alan Sanchez, in conversation with Lucie Cluver, talk through what it takes to administer an over 15-year longitudinal study, and how they keep their attrition rate so low.

The session was recorded in early February, at our GCRF-supported workshop, where we were joined by a small audience and members of the Young Lives' team.


In this podcast series, supported by the ESRC and GCRF, Young Lives is reflecting on our methodological learning, and the lessons we have drawn from our extensive experience in longitudinal research, as well as the many challenges we have faced.

You can watch the first two episodes in the series, here, where our country directors from Ethiopia, India and Peru, draw on their considerable experience in research, governance and policy-engagement to highlight the strategies they have used to ensure research impact.