Young Lives children are now almost all enrolled in school, and have high hopes for their education, but their aspirations are being undermined by the poor quality of many schools, which too often works to reinforce existing inequalities.

Inclusive and equitable quality education for all has been a core focus of study for the Young Lives team. Our insights into early education, low-cost private education and education systems provide valuable information for those working towards this sustainable development goal. We have been exploring these areas through school surveys in each of our study countries. These surveys allow us to understand more about the school experiences of Young Lives children, and provide insight into the factors which contribute to learning and progress. Read more about the latest round in this Back to School blog.

Latest research: Education

Beyond the basics: Access and equity in the expansion of post-compulsory schooling in Vietnam
Journal Article
Estimating the education production function for cognitive and non-cognitive development of children in Vietnam through structural equation modelling using Young Lives data base
Student paper
IMPACT CASE STUDY School effectiveness and its impact on poor children
Impact case study
Classroom Observation Sub-Study, 2017-18: Evidence from India
Research Report
Young Lives School Survey, 2016-17: Value-added Analysis in India
Research Report
Effect of preschool education on cognitive achievement and subjective wellbeing at age 12: evidence from India
Ethnic gaps in child education outcomes in Vietnam: an investigation using Young Lives data
Journal Article
Decomposing the Urban-Rural Schooling Gap in Ethiopia (2006-2013)
Student paper

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